Sweetcode’s purpose is simple. It give techies a place to share what they know, and to contribute high-value blog content to the tech industry and market. The site serves as an open forum for our paid contributors. We invite approved contributors to write on topics that are within their area of DevOps expertise.

Sweetcode is proud of the diversity within our community. We’re passionate about supporting our writers, especially those who are part of underrepresented groups in the tech industry. We aim to amplify their voices through blog content. We support their career growth by giving them a platform to share their technical knowledge.

Sweetcode contributors are devops practitioners who work as engineers, programmers, data scientists and software developers. Many of our contributors become freelance writers for Fixate IO, which owns and operates Sweetcode. As a practitioner content marketing agency in the tech space, Fixate creates technical content that inspires conversations and leads to conversions. See Fixate’s Portfolio for samples of content created for their clients.

Sweetcode community membership is currently by invitation only.

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