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Access the best Ethereum Data with a simple API Key!


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In this post I’ll demonstrate how to obtain an API key which will necessary in order to access our data endpoints, as well as, for use with any additional services/packages that we roll out.

TLDR; Scroll to the bottom for the video tutorial!


0. Signup/Login

Begin by either logging in with an existing account or creating a new onehere.

1. Navigate to “Your Api Keys”

This is where you’ll be able to secure your API keys for a specific blockchain and network combination. Currently, there are four to select from (and more on the way! 🙌)

2. Select a Blockchain/Network

3. Click “New API Key”


Now we have an API key that we can use with the Ethereum blockchain on the Rinkeby network. You should see your new API key, like so:

Underneath the name of the blockchain and network you’ll see two identifiers

  • ethereum-rinkeby — the human readable slug
  • 1b3f7a72b3e99c13 — the contrived blockchain id

When utilizing any of our services you’ll be required to provide one of these identifiers or you will receive a 401 - Unauthorized response.

Next, you’ll see the truncated API Key. Click “Copy To Clipboard” to get the full key.

It may be necessary to delete your API Key and obtain a new one. For instance, if you happen to commit it to a public git repository 😜. Just click “Delete” and run through the steps again.

Ok so… what?

We have a collection of valuable highly useful data endpoints, packages, and services that all require an API Key.

If you are a…

Developer — using any of our wrappers or packages

Trader — looking for raw realtime data

Researcher/Data Scientist — who needs heaps of accurate blockchain data

Business —That needs network/smart contract analytics to make data driven decisions

… you’ll definitely want to snag yourself an API key.

In future posts, I’ll demonstrate how to use different services/features/node packages which will all require an API Key.

That’s it!

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