CA Technologies Strategic Research Collaborates to Advance Smart IoT Systems and Speed Regulatory Compliance Through Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Development


European Union Funded Programs Push the Boundaries in IoT
Applications and Development of Code to Facilitate Compliance with the
General Data Protection Regulation

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CATogetherInAction–Today, CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) announced that its Strategic Research
team will collaborate on three projects funded by the European
Union (EU) Horizon 2020
program. These
projects will enable the secure and smart IoT systems that will underpin
a more trusted and connected world, and will explore the development of
algorithms and tools required to build compliance into software
development processes.

CA Strategic Research scientists explore new technologies, applications
and platforms like IoT, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more
through diverse R&D efforts in partnership with leading research
communities in academia, government and beyond.

For IoT, the possibilities are unbounded and include smart cities,
transit and infrastructure, among others. But IoT systems are also
highly complex, layered, and present fundamental scientific challenges
around system resiliency, trust and continuous innovation.

“To realize the massive promise of an IoT-driven world, we must solve
complex challenges,” said Otto Berkes, Chief Technology Officer, CA
Technologies. “These hurdles must be overcome before we can deliver IoT
systems that can provide valuable and trusted data, be adaptable and
open to new technologies – systems that haven’t even been invented yet.”

ALOHA for Deep, Secure Learning

A smart security system that gathers data from IoT devices needs to
ensure that the AI-based decisions from that data are not producing
biased results. The ALOHA (Adaptive Learning on Heterogeneous
Architectures) project aims to improve human decision-making in IoT

ALOHA will explore how a type of AI, known as ‘deep learning’, can be
embedded in IoT applications to imitate biological neural networks and
acquire human-like learning capabilities. This work also exploits the
increasing compute capacity of edge devices that provide an entry point
into enterprise or service provider core networks — like routers and
servers — and their ability to support the execution of AI algorithms.

CA’s Security expertise will contribute a depth of understanding to this
project which is critical to creating bias-free AI. “CA’s goal through
ALOHA is to learn from experience and react autonomously to a
surrounding environment, while avoiding AI bias,” says Victor Muntés,
vice president of Strategic Research, CA Technologies.

ENACT for Smarter IoT

Today, smart railway systems require an IoT system comprised of multiple
applications. Exposing vulnerabilities early on in the software
development process could prevent a major system failure. The ENACT
project aims to drive faster innovation across trustworthy, smart IoT
systems through new development, operation and security applications
that span IoT, edge and cloud infrastructures.

In addition to developing smart home e-health applications, this
pioneering research will also help to build AI-based self-diagnosis for
smart operation, which will eventually enable trains to “learn” and
predict anomalies. These “smart trains” will also need advanced
simulation models to ensure IoT system and application security as edge
devices are continuously added in the future.

As a leading partner in the project, CA Technologies will push the
boundaries of continuous delivery, agile operation and security
technologies and processes designed for smart IoT systems.

“In the future, all devices will ultimately be connected. ENACT research
will help transform the understanding of how trusted, smart IoT systems
can be developed and operated in our fast-changing environment,” says
Muntés. “CA’s deep expertise in the enterprise, combined with insights
from our Strategic Research, aims to contribute to a more trusted,
connected world and transform concepts into breakthroughs.”

PDP4E for Better Privacy and Personal Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
is a new and comprehensive
law that requires businesses and governments to protect the personal
data and privacy of individuals in the EU*. The regulation has a global
impact and cuts across all sectors with non-compliance potentially
resulting in massive fines. GDPR is expected to set a new standard not
only for consumer rights regarding their data, but also companies
challenged with putting systems and processes in place to comply.

The Privacy and Data Protection for Engineers (PDP4E) project will
address the protection of personal data, and explore how to better
enable the development of code that allows companies to comply with
GDPR, by enabling engineers with tools to integrate data privacy during
the development process (or “Privacy by Design”).

CA’s research for PDP4E will support the development of tools and
processes that enable data privacy, facilitating GDPR-compliance for
organizations as they create new applications. The research will also
explore algorithms for classifying documents with personal information
and without it to simplify the detection of the content that is subject
to data protection regulation.

“As we rely on AI and new development processes to uncover ways to make
GDPR compliance easier, our goal is to reduce the burden and potential
financial impact that this regulation could impose on organizations
while streamlining compliance,” said Muntés.

In collaboration with the EU, CA’s research creates opportunities that
accelerate ideas to outcomes. Projects span next generation
infrastructure, security and privacy, and new business models and
processes. Muntés continues, “For example with ALOHA, CA will also focus
on exploring how agile methodologies can be used when embedding deep
learning in our applications.” CA’s projects are conducted through the
Office of the CTO and led by a team of distinguished researchers,
engineers and staff. To date, CA Strategic Research has published more
than 75 papers, and has been granted more than 70 patents.

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No

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