Concept Engineering Revolutionizes Automotive Service By Launching E-engine™: Auto-Configurable, Online Schematics


today announced the launch of E-engineTM, an
online, reactive schematic visualization solution for use in automotive
service centers. E-engine
renders schematics of specific problem areas in automotive electrical
systems based on Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) generated by the vehicle
itself or technician input, accelerating the repair operation

E-engine, produced from proven technology in the semiconductor design
arena, is a powerful schematic rendering system that has been used by
engineers to visualize complex electronic semiconductors consisting of
hundreds of millions of transistors. Concept Engineering has now applied
this approach to the automotive industry to enable focused, informative
online documentation produced directly from design data that allows the
rapid identification and repair of vehicle issues.

“Live rendering apps such as Google Maps transformed the way we access
and leverage information, allowing us to rapidly derive and focus on key
details through a myriad of irrelevant data,” noted Gerhard Angst, Chief
Executive Officer of Concept Engineering. “We have applied this
principle to automotive repair, greatly accelerating the diagnosis of
vehicle defects in the same, revolutionary manner.”

Accelerating Automotive Repair

Vehicle electronic systems have dramatically evolved over the last few
years, and this will continue as autonomous driving and other advanced
capabilities become commonplace. This changes the nature of automotive
service, introducing complex electronic diagnosis into service centers.
E-engine is designed to address this new need by accelerating the
diagnosis of issues that can otherwise require hours to identify.

The E-engine generated schematics are clear and easy to read, providing
additional information as required, such as component detail, making
automotive service efficient and easy. Schematics are derived from a
database produced directly from the original development Computer Aided
Design (CAD) systems eliminating translation errors and reducing
authoring effort. This process also allows vehicle detail to be
immediately updated in the case of design changes.

The database contains information on vehicle variants and other design
changes based on individual Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for
increased accuracy. The schematics are viewed on a web browser, allowing
for the use of tablets or PCs for easy access with no installation

E-engine Availability

Concept Engineering’s E-engine is available immediately and is already
in use within multiple automotive and aerospace organizations. It will
operate with standard web browsers on any personal computer, tablet or
other mobile device. The technology is also available as visualization
engine software libraries for the integration into Windows- or
Linux-based diagnostic and repair tools. For pricing, please contact Concept

About Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering is a privately-held company based in Freiburg,
Germany, that provides visualization and debugging technology for
electronic circuits and systems. The company′s technology is used in
multiple electronic industries including Electronic Design Automation
(EDA), Automotive, Aerospace, and other sectors. It helps electronic
design engineers and service technicians to easily understand, debug,
optimize and document electronic designs. For more information visit

is a trademark of Concept Engineering GmbH. in the United States and
other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective

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