DevOps in Doodles – 2020 in Review

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DevOps in Doodles in 2020 takes a look back at how this industry – software development and IT operations – evolved during 2020. It provides insights and examples. It follows the path through 12 months of trends and changes and challenges . . . right to the point of WELCOMING 2021. (Yes, we say that in all caps!)

“Doodles” sketched by Ashton Rodenhiser of Mind’s Eye Creative, bring the words and reporting of journalist and Fixate staff writer, Chris Tozzi, to life. Technical concepts take on memorable (and whimsical) personalities. They reinforce a perspective of the context of the industry, with all its curves and contours. This visual treatment effectively conveys the dynamics of DevOps, as seen in 2020.

Covered in this industry report:


Key DevOps trends and themes in 2020

Observability gained focus

AIOps became real


Chaos engineering

Cloud repatriation

Hybrid cloud

Social justice meets DevOps

Acquisitions and IPOs


Problems and challenges

Making sense of it all

Cloud strategies remain in flux

Security remains a challenge

APM is being overhauled

                                                                   DevOps market consolidation accelerates



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