DMX Joins Hyperledger to Accelerate Business Blockchain


GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dealer Market Exchange PR LLC (DMX) has officially become a Silver
Member of The Linux Foundation after becoming a general member of
Hyperledger; announced in January. Co-Founder and CEO Jason Bennick
said, “Hyperledger truly provides a broad vision for open blockchain
technologies and standards across industries. The introduction of
distributed ledger solutions is a key focus across our platform. We’ve
made this commitment to accelerate delivery of our blockchain solutions
with the end game of bringing dealerships and car manufacturers well
into the 21st century.”

Wes Reid, Co-Founder and Head of Product & Technology, leads the DMX
Foundry; an innovation lab charged with the development of blockchain
and artificial intelligence business solutions in the DMX platform. Wes
Reid said, “Our dealer and consumer financial initiatives are expected
to realize these initial blockchain efforts.” Wes noted, “Hyperledger
offers a variety of blockchain frameworks that fit each of our different
use cases. Wherever we need to integrate a token economy within a
solution, we can do that as well. Our DMX Foundry is forging new
technologies that will truly transform this industry over the next fifty

DMX is based in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, develops technology
across up to a dozen time zones worldwide, and currently exports its
automotive industry market services to the United States.

About DMX

Dealer Market Exchange PR LLC is the car industry’s first intelligent
market where everyone can conduct business. Using artificial
intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, users converge
within a simple, complete market framework of tools and services to
efficiently make profitable business decisions. DMX provides market
users and future consumers with automated and intelligent financing
solutions using secure and advanced blockchain technology.

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