EdCast Launches ContentExchange for Enterprise and Nationwide Workforce Upskilling


Learning and development content providers can now connect with
Global 2000 companies and international organizations through EdCast’s
new ContentExchange platform.

is pleased to announce that it has launched a new marketplace for
corporate learning content providers to reach leading global
organizations with information and resources for rapid upskilling called
the ContentExchange.

EdCast, known for its award-winning AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for
unified discovery, knowledge management and personalized learning has
now launched the ContentExchange, the world’s largest enterprise market
for knowledge and learning materials. Partners in the ContentExchange
come from EdCast’s partnerships with leading global content providers,
including edX.org, LinkedIn Learning, Regis Group, Harvard
ManageMentor, Mandel Communications, Intuition, Capella University and
many others.

EdCast’s advanced AI-driven infrastructure provides personalized,
automatically-delivered content insights relevant for users.
ContentExchange users benefit from a very unique learning experience as
a result of optimized content supported by revolutionary AI to maximize
relevance and timeliness.

A featured partner included in the launch of the ContentExchange is edX,
the leading online learning platform founded by Harvard University and
MIT. EdX is committed to providing access to high-quality educational
content to everyone, everywhere. Through this partnership, EdCast and
edX are providing learning content that meets the demands of today’s
modern workplace and that has the power to transform lives and improve

“Connecting employees with the right learning content is critical for
companies to remain competitive,” says Lee Rubenstein, Vice President of
Business Development at edX. “edX is proud be one of EdCast’s
ContentExchange partners, making our unique library of valuable content
available to the marketplace, so we can continue to provide innovative
solutions in meeting corporate learning needs.”

EdCast is also pleased to work with and gain the endorsement of other
premium content partners, including LinkedIn Learning.

Says Scott Roberts, LinkedIn’s VP of Business Development: “We’re
excited to launch this program with our inaugural partners, like edX,
Intuition, and others. Organizations will now be able to automatically
upload and update all LinkedIn Learning content directly in EdCast’s
ContentExchange marketplace, providing a streamlined experience for
companies, administrators, and learners, alike.”

“Having access to the right content in innovative ways across multiple
platforms allows companies to stay competitive in today’s rapidly
changing environment,” says Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast. “We
launched the ContentExchange to provide a marketplace for leading global
organizations to upskill their team members, allowing them to discover
and connect with leading content providers from around the world.”

Founded in 2014, EdCast has offices in Mountain View, CA, Mumbai and
Indore, India, and the New York, NY area. EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud,
Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and GuideMe
clients include Accenture, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC,
Walmart and McDonald’s
, among many others. EdCast recently announced
partnerships with the World Economic Forum (announcement)
and NASSCOM (announcement)
regarding separate initiatives to be the Knowledge Cloud provider
facilitating breakthrough global upskilling initiatives targeting
millions of learners around the globe. A few EdCast awards that were
received recently include the Brandon
Hall Group Gold Award
for excellence in the Best Unique or
Innovative Learning and Development Program
category and the #1 Learning
Tech Innovator
of 2017 by Talented

The ContentExchange can be accessed by anyone at no cost at https://ed.edcast.com/contentexchange/.

About EdCast

is the AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud solution for workforce upskilling,
including unified discovery, personalized learning and knowledge
management across the enterprise. Its award-winning platform is used
globally by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations to solve
the discovery, curation and recommendation problems of content
fragmentation across external, internal and tacit knowledge sources.
EdCast’s solutions include its Learning
Experience Platform
(LXP) and GuideMe’s
multi-language in-app content authoring solution.


Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing

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