Electric Cloud Simplifies Application Onboarding and Takes the Rocket Science Out of Continuous Delivery


New Automated Application Packaging, a Self-Service Catalog and New Release/Deploy Dashboards Usher in the “Consumerization of Continuous Delivery (CD)” for DevOps Teams

SAN JOSE, Calif. – O’Reilly Velocity (BOOTH #707) – June 19, 2017 – Electric Cloud (http://electric-cloud.com), the leader in DevOps Release Automation and Continuous Delivery, today announced a new version of ElectricFlow that provides a new, programmatic way for Developers to onboard applications, simplifies the way deployments are run for Operations teams, and provides visibility into deployments and releases across any DevOps toolchain (http://electric-cloud.com/products/electricflow/).

For a demo of ElectricFlow, visit Electric Cloud’s booth (#707) at O’Reilly Velocity Conference!

“A few years ago, the ‘Consumerization of IT’ boosted job satisfaction and organizational productivity by inviting employees to ‘Bring Your Own’ Devices into the workplace,” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. “Today, ElectricFlow enables the ‘Consumerization of CD’, by allowing organizations and teams to ‘Bring Your Own’ processes, patterns, practices, tools and other technology into a secure and well managed DevOps toolchain. Our aim is to make it easy for both Dev and Ops practitioners to ship software in a way that ‘works best for them.’”

To help Development and Operations teams who are looking to automate and coordinate software deployment and release, ElectricFlow now includes:

  • An easy way for Developers to define applications, environments and dependencies as code to ensure consistent, predictable downstream results
  • A new Self-Service Catalog with out-of-box templates for pipelines, applications, and environments to accelerate time to value and facilitate object re-use
  • New Release and Deploy Analytics Dashboards to enhance visibility into the status and health of releases and pipelines

Developers – “Treat Your Process as Code, and your Pipeline like a Product”

DevOps is all about eliminating silos. ElectricFlow is the industry’s only DevOps Release Automation solution to span the entire Continuous Delivery process, from developer check-in to production release, with a single platform. This unified approach provides Dev and Ops teams a central point of governance, collaboration and visibility, eliminating the gaps that can introduce friction and errors in the end-to-end process.

The unified platform exposes a secure, shared object model to represent applications, environments, pipelines, and releases. By providing a way to define and enhance these models through either a responsive web-based UI or “as code,” Dev and Ops teams are able to “treat their pipelines like a product” and continuously improve application delivery while simultaneously driving down the unit cost and risk of individual deployments.

ElectricFlow now allows Developers to automate the generation of these application, environment and pipeline models directly from common CI tools using a simple JSON manifest file. This manifest file, along with the required artifacts, makes it easy to consistently create a deployment package that can be rehearsed and successfully deployed by downstream teams.

IT Operations – Self-Service Simplicity and Bulletproof Deployments

The new Self-Service Catalog in ElectricFlow makes DevOps release automation more intuitive for Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) professionals. Teams can now get started more quickly with a set of curated, best-practice content that enables users to define application models, processes, environments, releases and/or pipelines. Coupled with push-button access to advanced features such as Conatiner/Microservices Orchestration, Automated Rollback and Rolling Deployments, ElectricFlow takes the ‘rocket science’ out of Continuous Delivery, and provides I&O teams a safe way to keep up with the demands of the business by making software deployments and releases a boring, routine affair.

For Dev, Ops and the Business:

In addition to faster onboarding and improved self-service, new ElectricFlow Release and Deploy Dashboards provide users with detailed reporting about the health of their commit, deployment and release pipelines. This secure, role-based and in-depth view can be filtered by time, project or other characteristics to give teams the fast feedback they need to spot trends and visualize application deployment and release lead times, successes/failures, frequency, throughput and duration.

“By taking the manual effort, guess-work and anxiety out of software delivery, AdvancedMD will be able to innovate more quickly, which gives us an advantage in this fast-moving, regulated market,” said John Esser, senior director of data center operations and SaaS at AdvancedMD. “ElectricFlow provides a secure, unified platform for cross-team collaboration and visibility on deployments and releases that won’t force us to sacrifice compliance for velocity.”

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Electric Cloud’s newest release is available now. ElectricFlow Community Edition can be downloaded and used for FREE at http://electric-cloud.com/products/electricflow/.

About Electric Cloud, Inc.

Electric Cloud is the leader in DevOps Release Automation and Continuous Delivery. We help organizations like E*TRADE, Gap, HPE, Intel and Lockheed Martin deliver better software faster by orchestrating, automating, and accelerating application releases.

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