HyperChain Capital Launches HyperBlocks Pro Staking Service


One of the first digital asset firms in the world has launched a new
service that allows digital asset holders to easily stake their tokens
and secure the network.

, one of the oldest and most prestigious digital assets
management companies in the world, has launched HyperBlocks
, a professional proof of stake service – the first in the world
backed by a major blockchain firm. HyperBlocks Pro’s automated staking
facility service is initially launching for holders of tezzies (XTZ)
tokens used on the Tezos networks. By delegating this responsibility to
HyperBlocks Pro, token-holders can free themselves of the time, security
and technical costs associated with performing the task manually.
Additionally, users do not need to actually transfer their tokens to
HyperBlocks Pro, tokens remain in their personal wallets while securing
the network.

As an increasing number of existing cryptocurrencies transition to Proof
of Stake, and new ones are launched with staking mechanisms built in,
there is predicted to be a rise in demand for professional third party
services that allow consumers to easily use these often complicated

HyperBlocks Pro is at the vanguard of companies offering
staking-as-a-service and comes with the reputation and expertise of
HyperChain Capital team, one of the first digital asset management
companies in the world focused on blockchain based projects and
decentralized protocols.

Stelian Balta, Founder of HyperChain Capital, the creator of HyperBlocks
Pro, said: “HyperChain Capital started when we realized that digital
assets will be a major asset class and a new digital economy will
emerge. We are working hard to create and grow token ecosystems and
because we hold our tokens for years, we thought it will be a good idea
to offer the community ways to secure networks and get benefits from
those networks.

“Staking – or ‘baking’ as it’s known in the case of Tezos – is a smart
way for digital asset holders to contribute to the security and
distribution of the network without any headaches. It’s a win-win for
them and for the digital asset that they hold a stake in. We’re
delighted to launch our first service – professional staking for Tezos –
one of the most innovative blockchains in the ecosystem.”

HyperBlocks Pro is a subsidiary of HyperChain Capital, one of the first
digital asset management companies in the world, and its Tezos and soon
to be released Cosmos validator offering mark the former’s first foray
into staking. HyperBlocks Pro has ambitious plans to roll out a wide
range of staking services as it seeks to establish itself as the
preeminent staking specialist within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The company will initially be offering a professional staking service
for Tezos Network, but has plans to offer staking services for Cosmos
Network and other blockchain platforms in the near future. In addition
to offering Tezos baking and Atom staking once the Cosmos mainnet goes
live, HyperBlocks Pro will be launching TomoChain masternodes in Q4 of

Learn more at http://hyperblocks.pro/


for HyperChain Capital
Addison Huegel


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