Lumos Networks Preparing for Strong Bandwidth Demand from the Virginia Beach Undersea Cable Landing Site (“CLS”) into Richmond and Ashburn, VA


WAYNESBORO, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lumos Networks Corp. (“Lumos Networks” or the “Company”), a leading
fiber-based service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, announced that
it plans to connect the Company’s fiber network to an existing building
at 1632 Corporate Landing Parkway in Virginia Beach, Va. This building
is currently being converted into a carrier-neutral co-location facility
operated as Globalinx.

The Globalinx co-location facility is a short distance from the Cable
Station Landing Station (“CLS”), which is operated by Telxius and
located at 1900 Corporate Landing Parkway. Consequently, upon the
completion of connectivity into the Globalinx facility, Lumos Networks
will be on-net and connected to the CLS.

“The necessary permitting and engineering efforts are underway and we
expect to connect our fiber network to the Globalinx Co-location
facility at 1632 Corporate Landing Parkway during the back half of
2018,” said Timothy G. Biltz, CEO of Lumos Networks. “Once we have
completed our short build of about ¼ mile into the Globalinx facility,
we will have the ability to route bandwidth traffic from the Cable
Landing Station all the way to numerous data centers in Ashburn,
Virginia. It is estimated that 70% of total global Internet traffic
passes through the Ashburn area.”

Greg Twitt, Founder and President of Globalinx commented, “We are
excited to partner with Lumos Networks to provide our customers direct
access to Lumos Networks’ expansive network from Virginia Beach to
Ashburn, Richmond and beyond. Virginia Beach is becoming the new
Continental Edge where the subsea networks from around the world can
handoff the international traffic directly and seamlessly to terrestrial
networks at Globalinx colocation facility.”

Mr. Biltz continued, “In addition to Ashburn connectivity, we are seeing
a sharp increase in data center and hyperscale activity in the Richmond
Virginia metro market and they are seeking advanced fiber connectivity
to both Ashburn and the CLS in Virginia Beach. Given our 500 mile dense
fiber footprint in the Richmond metro area, we are poised to benefit
from this explosive growth in content delivery.”

Currently, there are two undersea cables that are expected to be
carrying traffic to the Virginia Beach CLS during 2018:

1) MAREA: jointly owned by Telefonica (Telxius), Microsoft and Facebook,
is expected to become operational in the first quarter of 2018 and will
connect the CLS with Spain;

2) BRUSA: 100% owned by Telefonica (Telxius) is expected to become
operational in the back half of 2018 and will connect the CLS with Brazil

“We continue to see a growing pipeline of hyperscale providers,
enterprises and carriers seeking both lit and dark fiber connectivity
options from the Cable Landing Site in Virginia Beach to the extensive
data center ecosystem in Northern Virginia, particularly in Ashburn
Virginia,” said Joseph E. McCourt, Chief Revenue Officer of Lumos
Networks. During the course of 2018 and beyond, we expect to utilize our
extensive fiber footprint in the eastern half of the state of Virginia
to meet the growing bandwidth needs of this diverse customer base.”

Warren Harris, Director of Virginia Beach Economic Development said,
“Our goal is to make the City of Virginia Beach an International
Connectivity gateway for the mid-Atlantic and we are very pleased to see
partners like Lumos Networks and Globalinx Data Centers are helping us
realize that goal. We envision the convergence of subsea and terrestrial
networks to take place in Virginia Beach, eventually making it the
diverse connectivity destination of the highly connected world”.

About Lumos Networks

Lumos Networks is a leading fiber-based service provider in the
Mid-Atlantic region serving Carrier, Enterprise and Data Center
customers, offering end-to-end connectivity in 27 markets in Virginia,
West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and
Kentucky. With a fiber network of 11,028 fiber route miles and 517,244
total fiber strand miles, Lumos Networks connects 1,310 unique Fiber to
the Cell sites, 1,685 total FTTC connections, 2,230 on-net buildings and
over 3,500 total on-net locations. The Company also connects 44 total
data centers, including three data centers acquired from DC74 (now named
Lumos Data Centers), two acquired from Clarity Communications and seven
company owned co-location facilities. In 2016, Lumos Networks generated
over $123 million in Data revenue over our fiber network. Detailed
information about Lumos Networks is available at

About Globalinx Data Centers

Globalinx Data Centers is a Tier-III carrier-neutral colocation campus
in Virginia Beach, VA, developed to facilitate direct connectivity
between subsea fiber and terrestrial fiber systems. The three-phased
project boasts 150,000 square-feet of data center space across an
11.5-acre dedicated site. The campus is fortified with high-security,
access to more than 30 MWs of power through two substations and direct
access to multiple terrestrial and subsea fiber cable systems. The
campus also provides direct access to MAREA and BRUSA subsea cables
connecting Virginia Beach to Europe, South America and beyond. Globalinx
has under contract an additional 10 acres of land for data center
development in Virginia Beach, VA. Globalinx owns a colocation facility
at 3800 Village Avenue, Norfolk, VA.

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