Preston Abbey Launches Solution for Secure Paperless Transfer of Government Classified Files


Preston Abbey PA-CFT eliminates the need for government personnel to
manually feed secure fax machines and is compatible with Secure
Communications Interoperability Protocol

, a developer of solutions for the secure transmission of
confidential and sensitive documents, today introduced the PA-CFT
(Classified File Transfer), enabling government and defense agencies to
transfer any classified files, including documents, photos, videos, maps
and more, with the security of Secure Telephone Equipment (STE). When
using Preston Abbey PA-CFT transmitted files never leave a secure
environment, thus providing a paperless solution that allows sensitive
files to be sent electronically, dramatically reducing the risk of
classified documents being compromised during the manual fax process.

“There is a pressing need for this type of solution due to the
increasing number of attacks on Internet-based systems, such as email
and databases, which represents a major threat to those in government
who need to protect and secure classified information,” said David Shaw,
President and co-founder of Preston Abbey.

Preston Abbey solutions accomplish the secure transmission of classified
documents without the use of email, the Internet or any mechanism
susceptible to eavesdropping or other interference by unauthorized
parties, including foreign governments, terrorist groups, hackers and
anyone who would leak sensitive material on public web sites.

Preston Abbey offers an effective migration path from obsolete or
outdated secure fax equipment to a completely paperless operation, with
little or no impact on the day-to-day operations of a government agency
or its communications network. Preston Abbey solutions support the
reliable connection of modern printer/scanner devices to replace legacy
equipment and secure mission critical document exchange over existing
communications channels, retaining the full advantages of STEs for

The full Preston Abbey product range meets the needs of civilian
government and military agencies that rely on STEs and Secure
Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) to send and receive
classified files and includes:

  • PA-CFT (Classified File Transfer)

    • The paperless solution for classified file transmission
  • PA-LFR (Legacy Fax Replacement)

    • A cost-effective alternative to aging and often failing fax
  • PA-SAA (Stand Alone Application)

    • A software solution allowing connection of a STE to Windows or Mac

Preston Abbey solutions allow the standard
RS232 interface
for STEs to seamlessly access the full features of
the advanced software.

“It is abundantly clear that the emerging requirement for sensitive file
transmission is to retain the faxing mechanism’s extraordinary security
of a point-to-point, direct communication path, while avoiding the
tedious need to handle physical documents,” said James Abbey, CEO and
co-founder of Preston Abbey. “With PA-CFT, government users will become
more efficient by being able to transfer documents to or from their
computer directly without having to go through the time and trouble of
manually operating a fax machine.”

The Preston Abbey PA-CFT will automatically determine the nature of the
recipient device and make the appropriate technical arrangements.
Designed with reliability in mind, the proprietary firmware is hardened
against transmission errors or other communications problems and will
optionally retry data that fails internal integrity checking. Preston
Abbey solutions provide long-term dependability for secure document
handling requirements, as well as an upgrade path for new features.

Preston Abbey solutions require minimum engineering changes or network
alterations. They enable users of legacy equipment to migrate easily and
effectively to modern, inexpensive paperless solutions. Speed is
mandatory and is provided by mature platforms that Preston Abbey
leverages to provide robust solutions for critical document handling.
The Preston Abbey products are fully automated and feature a simple web
interface, ensuring quick and easy configuration and set-up. Once
installed, they will operate continuously without user intervention.

About Preston Abbey

Preston Abbey develops reliable, mission critical communications
solutions that secure the connectivity and delivery of classified files
for government and DOD agencies. Headquartered in the heart of the
Washington, D.C. metropolitan area’s technology corridor, Preston Abbey
has unparalleled experience, expertise and knowledge of secure fax
technology for government deployments. For more information visit the
website at:


Interprose for Preston Abbey
Amy Foschetti, +1 704-246-8955

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