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Just before I went out of my mind with a brand new JavaScript I created in my PHP web application project.  I found the solution.  It was my IDE.

I’m creating a very basic PHP application that runs generations of genetic algorithms.  I’m a C# .Net Developer so web dev is a new world to me.  I decided that PHP was going to be my web dev language, and always wondered what sort of memory problems this type of dev would encounter.

I decided to use the IDE PHPStorm from JetBrains.  I like the IDE because it gives me file completion, it works for PHP and the inevitable jQuery ( hoping I can leverage AngualarJS in future) that I need to incorporate for some animation.  I rather have found a cloud based IDE, but it seems the price and features of PHPStorm are right, except for some weird copy+paste issues, and some weird responsiveness problems.  It’s as close to Visual Studio as I could get with PHP.

I wanted to start with a simple text fade out animation using fadeOut() method.  I got the code, and able to use it in a browser IDE and it works great.

script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"
$(document).ready(function() {

However when I created a new textAnimiation.js script and tried to use it, I got a ton of errors.  Usually this is becuase I miss some stupid element.  However everything looked good, and I was going crazy.

I was getting error of ‘Unresolved Method’ on the opening of the method ‘$’.  There is a feature in PHPStorm that allows you to run the application in the browser, and it always assigns some port. I assume this is running as some service.  It appears the service in PHPStorm stopped working that allows you to run your applications in-browser. And I did not realize this could be part of the problem.  Indeed it was, when I went to file->’Invalidate Caches / Restart’, PHPStorm restarted and all the errors were gone.  I guess it’s a similar problem that happens some times in visual studio with garbage collection.

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