Sweetcode Diversity Initiative


Invitation to Write

As part of our Sweetcode diversity initiative, we are inviting tech practitioners to write a post about diversity in tech. 

Here at Sweetcode, we have always valued inclusion. Now we want to more actively promote diversity in the tech industry, and would love your help to do so. While we usually focus on more instructional and code-level posts, this post would not adhere to our typical content requirements. 

We have started this initiative because we believe it is important to recognize and welcome under-represented groups. We would like to help facilitate this.

Should you choose to write a diversity post, we would compensate you $150 (USD). 

Blog Post Requirements

The topic is diversity in the tech industry. However, how you choose to write about it is up to you. For instance, you could write about your own experiencesL your involvement with any of the myriad nonprofits organized to support diversity, resources you are familiar with for minorities, or anything else that you feel passionate about in relation to equity and inclusion.

The post, “Beginning Code Resources for Women” is an example of a diversity-centered post we published in the past. We would like to build upon this and gain a fresh perspective with a new post. 

Before you begin writing your diversity post for Sweetcode, it must first go through the usual approval process.

To begin this process, you would fill out this form to submit a working title and thesis. Generally speaking, the thesis will be the first 100 words of your post. It should include your Focus Key Phrase and your Keywords. These are the phrases and words you want readers to search to find your post in search engines. This statement should tell the reader the general topic of your post and what they will learn from reading it. 

If you are interested in participating in this new diversity initiative, please submit this form as soon as possible. We would love to work with you!

Maia Thompson currently acts as a copy editor of DevOps technical posts for the Sweetcode community. She also works closely with Sweetcode as a DevOps community organizer. Part of this community organization includes managing the social media accounts for both Fixate and Sweetcode to increase engagement. Maia is passionate about building communities, as well as bringing them closer together, and strives to do so in all aspects of her work. Additionally, she has an interest in graphic design, and will often incorporate this by creating graphics for technical posts or by using these graphics to promote technical content on social media.


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