The First Digital Transformation Ecosystem in Mexico: Monterrey Digital Hub


  • Leading companies and academic institutions join together to promote
    Mexico’s digital transformation.

MONTERREY, Mexico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$CEMEX #CEMEX–With the objective of positioning Monterrey as Mexico’s tech hub, the
Monterrey Digital Hub opened its doors today. This is the first digital
transformation ecosystem in the country to gather leading companies and
academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and digital talent committed to
revolutionize organizations and communities through technology and
digital business models.

The Monterrey Digital Hub is an initiative of ALFA, Arca Continental,
Banorte, CEMEX, Deacero, FEMSA, IBM, NEORIS, Tecnológico de Monterrey,
UANL, and UDEM, leading companies and academic institutions that share
the vision of promoting Mexico’s transformation through corporate
innovation, collaboration with entrepreneurial ecosystems, and the
development of digital talent to capitalize on emerging opportunities in
the global environment.

The Monterrey Digital Hub offers spaces designed to create a digital
transformation community, with a fast and dynamic learning system
enabled by digital technologies. Its Learn, Work, Connect
methodology, designed in collaboration with recognized organization,
Galvanize—the Denver, Colorado, based learning community for
technology—enables interaction between entrepreneurs, investment funds,
digital talent, universities, organizations, and accelerators, among
other actors, to generate knowledge, opportunities, and growth.

Members of the Hub are part of a unique ecosystem in which a community
of knowledge and experience transfer is created through bootcamps and
workshops in digital skills, specialized mentoring, and programs of open
and corporate innovation, among other initiatives.

The organizational and community transformation generated by the
Monterrey Digital Hub is expected to position the city of Monterrey on
the level of key tech hubs globally.

“We are very pleased to be part of this initiative, together with
renowned companies and academic institutions, that will foster and
capitalize the combination between technology and entrepreneurial spirit
of current and future generations, to keep promoting the development of
our communities,” affirmed Álvaro Fernández Garza, CEO of ALFA.

“At Arca Continental, we consider digitalization as a way to deliver an
excellent service and know our customers better; this is why we joined
this initiative that integrates talent, commitment, and leadership with
the objective to foster an innovation ecosystem that strengthens the
regions’ competitiveness,” said José Borda Noriega, Commercial
and Digital Executive Director of Arca Continental

“Banorte sides with the Mexico of the future, and our country’s future
is digital. As Mexico’s strong bank, we are committed to promote Mexican
entrepreneurs and talent, and the Monterrey Digital Hub is key to lead
the coming wave of financial services. We are committed to Monterrey, to
Nuevo Leon, and to Mexico,” affirmed Marcos Ramírez Miguel, CEO
of Grupo Financiero Banorte

Fernando A. González, CEO of CEMEX, said: “At CEMEX, we
are committed to innovation as a catalyst for the transformation and
development of our organization and our communities. With the opening of
the Monterrey Digital Hub, we will help to foster the talent needed to
transform our country through digital technologies.”

Raúl Martínez Gutiérrez Muguerza, CEO of Deacero, said:
“At Deacero, we are aware of the need of digital innovation both in our
company and our country to foster a robust economic growth. The
Monterrey Digital Hub brings us the opportunity to participate in an
ecosystem where this innovation can blossom and spread through our
company and the country. We are strongly committed and happy to be part
of this initiative.”

“At FEMSA, we are convinced that technology enables us to make the most
of our businesses and make a positive impact on the community, which is
why we are enthusiastically joining this initiative that represents the
entrepreneurial spirit of our corporate and industrial community. The
Monterrey Digital Hub is the result of a good-will cooperation that will
promote a region focused on knowledge and the development of new
capabilities and talent,” said Alfonso Garza Garza, Director
of FEMSA Strategic Businesses

“IBM is proud to participate in this effort aligned to our values of
driving progress and changing how the world works by building smarter
businesses. As technology partners of the Monterrey Digital Hub, we will
bring our leadership, talent, industry expertise and infrastructure in
disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Internet
of Things, Blockchain and methodologies such as Agile and Design
Thinking, that are key to the Digital Transformation. Innovation &
Technology Ecosystems raise local competitiveness and prosperity, and we
believe Monterrey has the potential to become one of them,” said Eduardo
, General Manager of IBM Mexico.

“The Monterrey Digital Hub is a one-of-a-kind community in which
entrepreneurs, companies, universities, and investors get together to
enable a Digital Transformation ecosystem; this represents an excellent
environment for NEORIS to generate innovation,” said Martín Méndez,

“This initiative addresses the need of attracting and retaining talent,
which is of great importance facing the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, and
places Monterrey at the digital forefront in Mexico. At Tecnológico de
Monterrey, we are very proud of being part of this. We are committed to
help our country migrate to the knowledge-driven-economy and this
project will certainly be key to this transformation,” mentioned Salvador
, President of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Rogelio Garza, Rector of the UANL, said: “the Monterrey
Digital Hub is a groundbreaking initiative in a city known to be
fearlessly driven by the changes generated by the technological
evolution; it is a unique concept located in a space that encourages
creativity, that ignites disruptive ideas to generate new alternatives
to shorten the transition to the development of new digital business
models in a collaborative way, under open innovation processes, with the
best talent. The Monterrey Digital Hub could soon turn into the catalyst
of the transformation of small, medium, and large companies in the
region which have not yet created a strategy to become more efficient in
an environment with increasing multiconnected electronic devices,
through which a great number of today’s commercial operations and
transactions flow. This digital world requires using digital
technologies to compete in an unimaginable scale and increase the
profitability of the existing business models. Companies now need to
break the innovation dilemma, which is to wipe out or transform their
current business models into a new, completely digital model, and
compete in a new, connected, everchanging world with permanent
transformation challenges. Universities also face the same
transformation challenges and must undertake the necessary changes in
their educational models so they can respond in real time to the
development of talent and provide the tools and capabilities needed for
these digital transformation processes. This is the reason why the UANL
is part of initiatives such as the Monterrey Digital Hub, because we are
developing plans, programs, and strategies—such as the UANL 4.0
program—that allow us to properly detect the demands of this new era and
the environment. We are convinced that our motto ‘Educate to transform,
and transform to transcend’ permeates throughout all our actions and
represents the ideology through which the UANL is facing the needs of
this new era.”

Antonio J. Dieck Assad, President of UDEM, said: “The
global impact of the digital transformation has undoubtedly opened a
world of possibilities, demanding new capabilities. The creation of the
Monterrey Digital Hub represents an opportunity for the migration,
transformation, and refinement of processes, and to open our doors for
new generations of digital entrepreneur talent. At UDEM, we share the
objective and commitment to position Mexico by fostering the competitive
development of innovation and new technologies, as well as to promote
the collaboration between different companies and institutions from
Monterrey which share the common vision of not only evolve on an
internal basis but also make their environment transcend by fostering
transformation and thus, generating a bigger impact. We are very proud
to participate in this initiative and to be part of an ecosystem that is
the result of the digital transformation that Mexico and the world is

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