Travel Incorporated Goes Beyond Voice-Response by Delivering Visual Storyboard ‘Scenes’ and Enhanced Interaction to A.I. Digital Information Delivery


DULUTH, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Travel Incorporated extends its Artificial Intelligence or A.I. digital
technology to expand self-service travel information received from
voice-enabled devices to interact directly with web and mobile-enabled
devices, drilling deeper into the data of the initial voice request.
Today’s business travel managers, procurement professionals, their
travelers, and executive assistants, are desiring an easier way to
receive travel information, and Travel Incorporated is delivering this
through E-V-A; our proprietary Evolution Voice-response Assistant.

Travel Incorporated has developed an A.I. natural language platform to
support all levels of an organization from the travel manager or
procurement level, the traveler, duty of care departments, travel
administrators, and arrangers. “We’ve aggregated massive amounts of
travel data and analytics over the years, and E-V-A simplifies access to
that information in a way that can feel very natural to a person.”

  • Voice Response Interactions
  • Visual and Notification Interactions for Web and Mobile
  • Chatbot Conversation and Responses
  • Phone Response Interactions

E-V-A has incorporated machine learning and a ‘training regime’ to
continuously expand its knowledge, nearing 400 actions to support travel
management stats, vendor information, trending analysis, and
traveler-specific itinerary information.

As technology rapidly evolves, so does the need to go beyond the
voice-enabled device to interact with web and mobile devices.

The E-V-A Storyboard provides deeper insight on every request by
directly pushing detailed interactive scenes to your devices. An E-V-A
Storyboard extension will be made available from Google’s Chrome Web

About Travel Incorporated:

Travel Incorporated is a travel management company that is nimble and
serves our business travel clients in a tailored fashion. We deliver
digital technology to simplify the travel and procurement manager’s
workflow, providing data intelligence and analytics to reduce their cost
of travel and consult toward future optimization of their travel
program. For more information, visit


Travel Incorporated
Tracie Carillo, 845-461-1687 (Mobile)


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