VyprVPN Publishes World’s First Public No Log Audit


Leading VPN provider furthers its mission to provide access to a free
and open internet by securing an independent audit to verify the privacy
of customer data

MEGGEN, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Golden
, a globally renowned virtual private network service, is
announcing that their popular VyprVPN product is now an independently
audited No Log VPN. Golden Frog enjoys a distinguished history as an
advocate for privacy rights and standing up against internet censorship.

When Golden Frog first launched VyprVPN in 2008, the company practiced
logging a minimal amount of VPN service data aimed at improving customer
experiences through speed, performance, reliability and
troubleshooting. “As our service has matured over the last decade, we
have become more experienced with running a global VPN network and the
necessity for minimal logging has diminished,” said Sunday Yokubaitis,
CEO of Golden Frog. “We have found better ways to improve performance
and defeat fraudsters without needing a user’s connection information.”

Upon implementing the No Log policy, Golden Frog engaged Leviathan
, a leading security firm, to independently audit
the VyprVPN servers. “As a company, we have been very critical of VPN
providers who advertise an anonymous, No Log VPN service but were later
revealed to log customer data,” said Yokubaitis. “They use ‘bait and
switch’ advertising tactics and have rightfully eroded trust in VPN
providers. When we decided to move to a No Log VPN this past summer, we
wanted to do something more to create trust than just updating our
website and privacy policy with No Log language. We made the decision to
hire a respected, independent auditor to validate that when we say ‘No
Log’ users can trust that our technology faithfully represents our
privacy policy.”

The complete audit by Leviathan Security found:

  • “VyprVPN produces no identifying logs without the user’s consent.”
  • “The project revealed a limited number of issues
    that VyprVPN subsequently fixed.”
  • “Golden Frog can provide VyprVPN users with the assurance the company
    is not logging their VPN activity.”

“From the start, Golden Frog was a pleasure to work with,” said Frank
Heidt, CEO of Leviathan Security. “Their professionalism and clear
vision of what a truly log-free platform looks like provided our
engineering team with a fantastic project environment to execute in. Our
team had unrestricted access to source code, configuration
and production environments. It was clear to the entire Leviathan team
that Golden Frog is absolutely committed to providing a safe and private
experience to their users.”

Golden Frog assures its customers that the change in its logging policy
will not affect the user experience nor the quality of the existing
service. VyprVPN can now be used to circumvent censorship blocks put in
place by governments to access social media accounts and disseminate
information freely, with users confident that absolutely none of their
activity is being logged. No Log is publicly
available for core VyprVPN apps with the exception of iOS, which will be
released shortly.

“With this move, we have reinforced our core mission,”
said Yokubaitis. “We not only want to remain the technology leader in
the VPN space, we want to set the highest standard for how to handle
customer data. We want this to serve as a call to action for other VPN
companies to be transparent and accountable to their users.”

About Golden Frog

Golden Frog develops software and services that provide reliability,
performance and security. The company has prided itself for a dedication
to inventing and perfecting tools that offer a fuller, richer online
experience. Golden Frog first came to be after the discovery of Room
641a, an infamous room in San Francisco where the NSA was coordinating
with AT&T to surveil users on AT&T’s network. Golden Frog’s founders
filed papers with the FCC to bring this alarming activity to the
attention of authorities but were ultimately ignored. In response to
government indifference, Golden Frog was founded with a clear mission to
provide people with better privacy, security and internet freedom.


Company Contact:
Elizabeth Kintzele


Calin Gunn


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